Why wear cycling shoes? Advice from professional cyclists

Why wear cycling shoes? Advice from professional cyclists

Posted on 29 August, 2016      1015 Views

Wearing Cycling shoes is a must for the Pro Cyclist.  It is an important part of any riding experience. If you ask the question why wear cycling shoes, there are lots of important reasons that a pro cyclist can describe. Cycling shoes help both pro and not pro cyclist in a number of ways. When you will use cycling shoes, you’ll feel the difference immediately. Research has found that cyclist gets an immediate improvement in their abilities for sustained cycling while wearing cycling shoes. It not only protects them from an accident but also ensures a safe, comfortable and smooth ride. The perfect combination of shoes, cleats and pedals will maximize your performance.

“why wear cycling shoes” is a common question made by the novice cyclist. Here are some reasons for wearing cycling shoes at the time of cycling:

Breath-ability and comfort:

Riding causes considerable body heat and sweat. Cycling shoes have mesh or another breathable fabric that circulates air to your feet. You can also get greater comfort by using the cycling shoes as the shoes are properly attached to the pedal.

Efficient Pedal stroke:

All the cycling shoes have cleat – a number of projections on the sole of a shoe that is designed to prevent the wearer losing their footing. The cleat of the cycling shoes attaches the pedal of the bike. Known as the clip less pedal system, this shoe-cleat-pedal combination helps efficient movement throughout the whole pedal stroke. It also helps you to use the quadriceps and hamstrings effectively.

Balance your riding:

Cycling shoes have a retaining system, such as Velcro straps. It has hard, stiff soles. As a result, the shoe can fit nicely around your arch and hold your feet securely in place. It supports the upward movement of your pedal. However, many cyclists are not aware of the Velcro shoes from their childhood. So, make sure that you are not pulling the Velcro straps too tightly as it may decrease air circulation.

Muscle balance:

Cycling shoes allow you to clip into the bike pedals that help to engage more leg muscles for balanced toning and strengthening. It provides stability to the knee and reduces foot movement. As a result, you can able to use your leg muscles in a more balanced way. You can also get greater efficiency and comfort in the transfer of power as the shoes are attached to the pedal. The stiff sole of cycling shoes also increase stability and reduce tension to the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. It also boosts leverage on the pedal and decreases foot fatigue.

Getting more power:

Novice cyclists often focus their energy by pushing down on the bike pedals that quickly exhaust the muscles in the leg. On the other hand, cycling shoes help its riders to gain more power by the legs during the pedal stroke to transfer to the bike. By increasing the ease of pedaling, the stiff sole helps the rider to ride without slipping off the pedal platform. So, the cyclist can able to control the pedal greatly and it helps to increase their power throughout each pedal stroke. The stiff sole of a cycling shoe allows for clipping directly on to the bike pedals.

Prevents Injury:

The cleat of the cycling shoes prevents most of the injury caused by cycling. As cleats hold your feet in a fixed position, it aids to remove misalignment and subsequent aches and strains.

In short, there are lots of reasons to the answer of the question why wear cycling shoes. If you want to be a Pro cyclist or just love riding, try cycling shoes. It will make you an efficient rider and also helps you to prevent the accidents.